"Nicole is one of the most successful and inspiring people I know, an entrepreneur, author, a speaker, coach, finance expert, and health guru.  She is truly the Jill of all trades! "It is truly exciting when I am able to make these type of connections between women I respect and admire. "Happy first day of … Continue reading Joy Hopkins

Joy Hopkins

"Hi, I’m requesting the financial e-book you mentioned on Jaime Tardy’s podcast, Eventual Millionaire. Thank you!” Dini Arnold

Dini Arnold

“Hello, I saw Nicole Wright’s interview on Eventual Millionaire and would like to receive my free copy of the workbook. Ms. Wright’s story was so fascinating and inspirational. The part that really hit me was when she said to not think of money as money but rather freedom, house, etc. I would like to thank … Continue reading Julia Kurtz

Julia Kurtz

“Hi Nicole, as you mentioned in your interview with Eventual Millionaire that you can send a free financial plan eBook, I would appreciate if you send me this information. Also I am very interested in Holistic Lifestyle, always want to study it, do you have any suggestion for on-line school? Are you coaching on this subject? Thank you.” Lucy … Continue reading Lucy Piper

Lucy Piper

“Nicole demonstrates the utmost professionalism and follows through completely. All this while remaining personable and gracious. When working with her one knows that they are dealing with someone who gives extra effort to please her clients all the while understanding their needs through superlative communication.” Brad Wagner, Artist then: SEGA, San Francisco, CA now: Cryptic Studios, … Continue reading Brad Wagner, SEGA

Brad Wagner, SEGA

“I am really impressed with Nicole’s business skills and generosity. Having a business with a heart does not seem like an easy task these days, but Nicole proves it can be done. The class I took had the right balance of professionalism and warmth, and I left feeling [what] I had learned not only exciting, … Continue reading Thais Harris, Nourish Together

Thais Harris, Nourish Together

“Hi Nicole, I was hoping to get the e-book - financial workbook that you mentioned on the Eventual Millionaire podcast. Thanks,” David Thomas

David Thomas

“Hi I just heard your interview on the eventual millionaire blog its great! I am interested in the e-book you mention where can I download it?  Thank you for sharing your knowledge I am hoping to be in a better financial state for this coming year. Thanks Again,” Mari Romero

Mari Romero

“Hi Nicole, I have seen your interview on Eventual Millionaire with Jamie Tardy [and] you were very inspiring for me! In this you mentioned you can send that workbook for the power plan creating your year. Please send that workbook to me I will really thankful for that! Thank you! All the best!” Gizella Konkoly

Gizella Konkoly